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"Jill did a thorough job with research and identification of a piece within our collection that had been neglected for many years. She provided us with answers to questions that will prove invaluable in our interpretive efforts. Her work is top-notch!"

— Dr. Robert K., Prince William County (Va.) Historic Preservation Division

"My company had purchased unique glass furniture pieces several years ago from an American artist. Unsure of their current value and where to find a new home for them, we turned to Jill Kent for her expertise. From the first contact, she was both professional and inquisitive, collecting as much intelligence as she could about the pieces, the artist, and condition of the pieces, to determine the right re-sale market. At each stage in the process, Jill was informative about the pros and cons of each option to consider and allowed us to make the most informed decision. I highly recommend Jill for her professional, passionate and practical approach to the appraisal business."

— Jessica L., ResCare Inc.

"We engaged Jill Kent to do a damage appraisal when we discovered that much of our furniture was water-damaged after a move. She carefully identified each area of damage on our pieces---both in writing and with images. We had a thorough, well-documented and very professional presentation for the insurance company."

— Leah E.

"I engaged Ms. Kent to do an appraisal of three paintings by the renowned Ukrainian artist Tatyana Yablonska, who was active in the Soviet Union during the early and mid-20th century. In addition to valuation, Ms. Kent's impressive appraisal explained the artistic, historical and political contexts in which the paintings had been executed."

— Thomas G.

"Our house was full of countless unwanted items we wanted to sell. We turned to Jill Kent, whom we had met at a Smithsonian Institution Turkish Rug Course. She suggested a New York Auction House for some items and a number of Washington DC area auction houses for others. The cost of hiring Ms. Kent was exceeded many times over by the results of following her advice."
— Clarrisa & John L.

"Through her thorough research, Ms. Kent determined that my old chair was from President McKinley's Cabinet, belonging to the Commissioner of Buildings and Grounds. I was able to sell it to a collector for just about the same amount as the appraisal value."

— Susan W.

"Jill Kent's appraisal of the Army Chief of Staff Quarters furniture collection was well-thought-out, professional and beautifully packaged. I showed it to LTG Robert Wilson, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM)/ Installation Management Commander (IMCOM), who was quite pleased and impressed. We appreciate her great work."

— Dee Spellman., Department of the Army

"In collaboration with Witness Justice, a national nonprofit organization advocating and supporting victims of violence and trauma, I challenged the students in my Book Arts class to make books made of glass on the topic of self injury - and so began the GlassBook Project. Ms. Kent did a thorough job in researching and reporting on collection of books, looking at the exhibit both as an advocacy piece as well as individual works of art. She took this project on as a unique and challenging assignment, and met all of our expectations."

—Nick K., Instructor, Department of Arts, Culture & Media, Rutgers University-Newark

"When we first approached Jill Kent, we all were a little curious as to how to appraise and assess the GlassBook Project collection. This project is so unique that it required creative flexibility and significant research. It needed to be looked at both from its artistic value as well as its ability to impact social change in the mental health community. Jill did a wonderful and thorough job with the first collection and we are glad to have had her expertise informing us from the beginning."

— Helga L., President & CEO, Witness Justice

“We engaged Ms. Kent to appraise an antique chair and bench that had come down through my husband’s family. The first thing that she did was identity them as late 19th century Revival pieces rather than period Louis XV and XVI period pieces, through her thorough research. When we had them restored and reupholstered, she appraised them, as well as a late 19th century settee again, taking into accountboth the value of the antique frames and the cost of the restoration and reupholstery. Her work was meticulous and we also really enjoyed working with her.”

— Peggy Bessant Davis
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