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Professional Appraisal Services in Washington, D.C.

An accurate, and legal, appraisal will depend upon an appraiser with knowledge and expertise. Ms. Kent provides just that.

If you find yourself in need of a professional written appraisal, look no further than The Educated Eye. There are many circumstances that could result in the need for a professional appraisal.


Eagle — Insurance Appraisal in Washington, DC
INSURANCE SCHEDULING APPRAISAL- to support getting insurance coverage.

DAMAGE APPRAISAL- to support making client whole when objects have been damaged through transit, fire, flooding, etc.

LOSS APPRAISAL- to support making client whole when there has been a complete loss of the property.

CASUALTY LOSS APPRAISAL- to support a tax deduction for loss of property with the IRS.

CHARITABLE DONATION APPRAISAL- to support charitable donation deductions with the IRS.

ESTATE PLANNING APPRAISAL- to assist in prospectively dividing property between two or more parties upon death of a client.
EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION APPRAISAL- to support fair distribution of property between two or more parties when property is to be divided for estate planning, estate distribution, or divorce.
BROKERAGE- to assist in sale of property.

Appraisal Services Provided To:

  • Individuals
  • Third party professionals
  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Government


We carry out all our services in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the industry standard for ethics, and technical and professional competence in appraisal practice. Jill Kent, our appraiser, is USPAP- certified. Our appraisals comply with the Ethical Standards of the Internal Society of Appraisers
Golden Vintage Accessories — Insurance Appraisal in Washington, DC
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